Hannah Elizabeth McDermott is an artist living and working in Denver, CO. She works as an art conservator, restoring other people's artwork and gaining inspiration for her own. Hannah grew up in Los Angeles, CA, in a household that fostered creativity and craftsmanship. She attended Vassar College, majoring in Science, Technology and Society as well as German Studies, believing her art would always be a purely personal pursuit, because she did not yet have anything to say. After graduating from Vassar, Hannah moved to Brooklyn, NY, and began to train as an art conservator through internships at MoMA, The Brooklyn Museum and in private practice.   After working full time as a conservator specializing in modern and contemporary sculpture for a few years, she realized that she now had too much to say. She was inspired, and sometimes disheartened, by the warehouses full of art she often worked in. She knew seriously "being an artist" might be a futile effort, but she would regret for the rest of her life if she never tried. In a burst of frustration with NYC and desire for more sky, Hannah moved along with her fiance Gabe and cat Fritz to Denver, CO. Here, she continues to work for a private art restoration company, honing her fine hand and color matching skills, as well as dreaming of the painting she will do when she gets home.